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The Waitable Blog           
The Waitable blog is down for maintenance.
Waitable lets you set your own price for any product that you want to buy in 3 easy steps. Here's how!

1. Search for a product that you want, using either its UPC (which gives you the lowest prices out of more than 35 million products from over 88,000 stores across the internet, so you can comparison shop from your computer or cell phone), or its Amazon.com web address/ASIN.

2. Buy the product immediately if we find a really low price for you (and you're all done!), or add it to your Waitable list to save even more money.

3. If you add the product to your list, Waitable will continually watch the product's price for you. When it drops to the amount you set, you're notified via email, RSS, and even an SMS straight to your cell phone if you'd like, with a link to buy your product!

Easy. You don't even need an account if you don't want one, but you can sign up at any time and manage all of your previously added products.